Why Car Insurance is Important

Why Car Insurance is Important

We understand that car insurance is something that a lot of people hate. Your monthly premiums can increase and stick you in a difficult position. However, car insurance is not something that you can just do without, it is required by law.

Baron Insurance wants to put the thought of car insurance into perspective for you. We like to think of it as a type of investment for car owners. We would like to tell you why car insurance is important and show you that it is actually beneficial.

First, if you are caught driving in British Columbia without insurance, the police will give you a Violation Ticket. However, if you are caught without insurance and have a bad driving record, you could be given an Appearance Notice or a Summons- these require you to appear in court on the date shown.

If given a violation ticket: there are three possible offences you can be charge with:

  • Driving without insurance- $598.00 fine
  • Failing to produce an insurance document- $81.00 fine
  • Failing to display a decal on our license plate- $109.00 fine

If given an Appearance notice or Summons: the penalty is a fine ranging from $300.00 to                $2,000.00 and possibly jail time up to 6 months. You may also be prohibited to drive for a                certain amount of time.

*All information from ICBC.

Second, car insurance protects you from personal liability in the event of an accident. Should you be in an accident and be at fault, you can be held personally responsible for the costs of medical bills if a person is injured.

These costs can be extremely high and burden your family. It could mean selling your house,          your stocks and bonds, and selling all other assets. You may have to spend the rest of your            life paying these off.

But what about you? If you are hit by someone who doesn’t have insurance, and you do not have insurance, you will be faced with your own medical bills and car replacement costs. However, having your own car insurance will help you with those costs.

The final reason for having car insurance deals with the repair of vehicles. If you are shown at fault in an accident you will be responsible for paying the repair or replacement costs of the vehicle you hit. If you do not have car insurance that will come out of your own pocket.

We want you to be aware of the dangers of not having car insurance but also show you the benefits of having it! Being faced with some of the fines, or medical bills, or car replacement costs can all be enough to force someone into bankruptcy. One single accident can change your life forever.

It is super easy to come on down to Baron Insurance and ask for an Auto quote. These are quick and our staff is super friendly. We want you to be covered just in case. Car insurance will protect you and your family in the event of an accident.

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